Papuan Virility

Welcome to the land of the Dani. They’re famous for the “koteka” or penis gourd as translated into English. Perhaps this old codger doesn’t need Viagra. His name is Wikika Walela. So how can such an aged, 80-year-old man keep things so excited? Well, it’s a simple matter of physics. Notice the cord tied to […] Read More »

Nyepi Monsters

I tempt explosive energy . . . serpents, devils, evil. Today is the night before Nyepi (“nippy” for the uninitiated) on the exotic isle Bali. At this very moment a godawful torrential downpour has unleashed awesome domination over my Bali Lotus Villa, which lies not far from the otherwise serene village of Ubud. Nyepi has […] Read More »

Polka Dot Babe

Polka Dot Heaven. My makeup artist, Hilde Marie Johansen, drew inspiration in her styling of this image from Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, the queen extraordinaire of polka dot glory. Click on Kusama’s link and be utterly amazed. Prolific doesn’t even come close to describing this 83-year-old woman’s life work. Wikipedia elaborates on the roots of […] Read More »


Be black. Be jeweled. This is Russian model, Tanya, studded with faux diamonds glued to her skin that perfectly matched her outfit designed by the makeup artist/stylist/fashion designer, Hilde Marie Johansen, who is sitting next to me in the setup shot below. Tanya is tall and my ceiling was low. So she had to sit in […] Read More »

Flaming Red

Lady in Blue A marvelous, dance-filled evening. This is another of my Stroborati BODYART series styled by Hilde Marie Johansen, who applied blue paint to transform our model, Nardia. For the background I used a 2-meter diameter bamboo picnic table umbrella that I bought at Bangkok’s famous weekend Chatuchak Market. I sawed off the stem […] Read More »

Don't Be Blue

The Launch of Stroborati BODY ART I’m starting a new series of Stroborati body-painted images and will be incorporating some very artistic designs on the models in my upcoming images that will be styled by Hilde Marie Johansen, an extremely talented makeup artist/stylist/fashion designer in Bangkok. Hilde hand crafted this headpiece for model, Mara Bee, […] Read More »

More Naga Headhunter Tribal Warriors

In olden days these Naga warriors in the far north-eastern reaches of India collected heads from fallen opponents and they proudly displayed their trophies above the entrance doors of their bamboo huts. I’m extremely grateful I wasn’t part of their collection. I could have asked these guys to smile . . . but that would have […] Read More »

Naga Tribal Headhunter Warrior

It wasn’t so long ago that tribal warriors in the far north-eastern Indian state of Nagaland practiced head hunting as a favorite pastime. Fortunately for me, this fierce-looking gentleman gave up such macabre endeavors long ago. The remote Tuensang area of Nagaland was a grueling 12-hour journey that refreshed my memory of many other “bus-rides-from-hell,” […] Read More »

Akha Hill Tribes and Bamboo Love Shacks

Dateline: Laos Tonal isolation. Akha hill tribe women in northern Laos dress in faded shades of black cloth. Color exists only in their decorative accouterments. Old coins add a bit of glinting highlight to their costumes. While I shot these images in color, I elected to remove the vibrant hues during my Photoshop endeavors for […] Read More »

Hill Tribe Sardine Bus

To reach this Akha hill tribe village from my base in the small Laotian town of Luang Nam Tha, I first had to take a 2-hour local minibus equipped with four rows of twelve seats into which were crammed twenty-one people. Luckily there were no chickens or pigs or fresh fish aromas on this trip. Much […] Read More »

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