Palace of the Winds

The Hawa Mahal, or “The Palace of the Winds,” is Jaipur’s most iconic building.  It’s five stories tall and has 953 latticed windows that allowed the breeze to flow through for the ladies in the royal harem back in 1799 when it was built just for them. They needed respite from India’s intense summer heat. […] Read More »

Blue Taj Mirage

The crown jewel of India. “A teardrop on the cheek of eternity,” opined Rabindra Nath Tagore. “The embodiment of all things pure,” declared Rudyard Kipling. The Taj Mahal’s creator, Emperor Shah Jahan, proclaimed that its beauty made, “the sun and moon shed tears from their eyes.” Awed by similar lyrical appreciation, countless photographers the world over […] Read More »

Rajasthani Textiles

Rajasthan is known for its vibrant colors that seem to scream from the otherwise muted hues in this Indian desert state. And it’s the textiles that yell the loudest. “Triangle Tangle” I went ecstatic when I came across this backlit geometric delight found in the old Jaisalmer fort located in the far western reaches of […] Read More »

Booty Beauty

I love India. The Pink City, Jaipur, is famous for its painted elephant festival during which just about every square inch of every elephant in town for the occasion gets painted in dazzling color. “Booty Beauty” T-shirt = Of course, the front side get’s a color splash, as well. “elePHANTee” T-shirt = India is […] Read More »

Awesome Textured Bangkok Graffiti

Digging Deeper Acknowledging perceptions . . . the underlying urban fabric in Bangkok definitely risks dare. Bangkok graffiti artists grasp the essence. Their street art screams. At first glance . . . this is definitely world-class graffiti, albeit a manifestation found on an innocuous corner of this massive city. But look more closely and indulge gratification. […] Read More »

Net Worth

Sometimes we revel in the moment. At the moment I captured this image I was taking a deep breath reveling in the fact that I hadn’t tipped the boat. (Fine Art Print Purchase.) This Burmese man, on the other hand, epitomized perfect balance on the very tip of his boat. One foot rowing. No hands. […] Read More »

Nyepi Monsters

I tempt explosive energy . . . serpents, devils, evil. Today is the night before Nyepi (“nippy” for the uninitiated) on the exotic isle Bali. At this very moment a godawful torrential downpour has unleashed awesome domination over my Bali Lotus Villa, which lies not far from the otherwise serene village of Ubud. Nyepi has […] Read More »

Don't Write on My Wall

Wayward walls draw spray paint . . . urban gang artists risk capture. The drive to draw prevails. Derelict venues allow youthful talent explosion. Amidst a moment’s calm in Bangkok, these kids appeared gutsy. Were guns in their pockets? Perhaps there was a knife under the belt. Watch out! Fast escape must be well conceived. […] Read More »

Up the Down Staircase

Cropping tightly with full-bleed composition often leads to optical illusions. Such framing frequently empowers photographers to isolate elements in the cityscape that at first glance might be difficult to decipher. My telephoto lens compressed perspective. The staircase depicted in this photo leads to a pedestrian footbridge traversing yet another traffic-blitzed Bangkok roadway. I wanted to […] Read More »

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello from Bangkok. “Gong Xi Fa Cai” Well, it’s “Gong Xi Fa Cai” if you are saying it in Mandarin but it’s “Gong Hey Fat Choy” if your proclivity is the Cantonese dialect. Happy Chinese New Year. February 10, 2013. Hey, it’s the Year of the Snake. And, man, do the Chinese savor their snake […] Read More »

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