Photoshop 3-D Workflow Action

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GASP Photoshop 3-D Action Effect

This dynamic 3-D Photoshop Workflow Action utilizes 227 steps to generate 30 adjustment layers for each image. For smaller file sizes, unused layers can be trashed before saving. About half of these layers focus on “sculpting” three-dimensional characteristics. These effects are not accomplished with simple contrast manipulation. Unique strategies using blend modes and High Pass filtration, coupled with steps in the action that automatically generate layer masks to isolate highlights, mid-tones and shadows will drastically reduce production time in creating images with more three-dimensional results. The action also generates layers for skin softening, image vignetting, cooling and warming plus numerous other adjustment layers.

For sample photos and detailed explanations see the Photoshop 3-D Workflow Tutorial.

Original files can be JPG, PSD, or TIF in 8 or 16-bits with Photoshop CS4, CS5 & CS6 for both Windows and Mac platforms.


Free Download

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