Happy Chinese New Year

Hello from Bangkok.

“Gong Xi Fa Cai”

Well, it’s “Gong Xi Fa Cai” if you are saying it in Mandarin but it’s “Gong Hey Fat Choy” if your proclivity is the Cantonese dialect.

Happy Chinese New Year. February 10, 2013.

Hey, it’s the Year of the Snake. And, man, do the Chinese savor their snake soup. Then there’s the “Snake in a Bottle” if one prefers his or her message in the form of serpent spirits spiked with overly potent alcohol and a few other venomous creatures thrown in for a bit of flavor to completely blitz out the taste buds.

Here’s an alcoholic cobra photo of virulent snake booze I shot a few years ago.

Vietnam, Hanoi, display of bottles of alcohol filled with serpents and snakes

No, at the time I was too grossed out to imbibe though they say ones virility would be wondrously enhanced if he were brave enough to partake. Who needs Viagra? Not sure about the heights that feminine libido would ascend if those of that gender so indulged in the snake juice.

Perhaps this year’s “The Year of the Snake” designation isn’t nearly so auspicious as last year’s “The Year of the Dragon.” Almost everyone is enamored with dragons while few revel at the level of imagery conjured when imagining snakes. Besides, this particular upcoming Year of the Snake isn’t blessed with the first day of spring (just because that’s the way the Chinese calendar fell) while last year’s Dragon Year stole the show with two spring first days.

Bet you didn’t know that.

And that’s why so many Chinese couples were vigorously energetic in the bedroom during the first three months of last year trying to foster offspring before the snake deadline would arrive just so their newly born cuddlies could claim a year of awesome good fortune. Perhaps a few of those parental hopefuls were hittin’ the snake bottle they’d been hiding away to celebrate the coming new year.

Today, China’s night skies are filled with revelry and the glittering blasts of fireworks.

Maybe I’ll pop the cork on that bottle of creepy crawlers on my shelf just as the rocket’s red glare bursts in the night air.

Midnight approaches. Let us celebrate.

Watch out Bangkok!

(Not that this somewhat decadent city’s moniker portends the night’s events.)

Glen Allison

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